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A small RP thingie...not so easy with only one person!

Snape- ::walks briskly through the door, making his way to the head of the class:: As most of you know, headmaster Dumbledore has decided to allow me to breifly take over teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts until he can find a new Professor. Of course, I will still be teaching potions, so some adjustments have been made to your scheduels. I assume that you will be competent enough to follow the new scheduel without constant reminder ::his eyes narrowed as his gaze fell upon "the golden trio":: I will not except this as an excuse for tardiness! ::his gazed lightened slightly as he turned back to the slytherins::

Ron-::leans in towards Harry and whispers:: Yeah, the only excuse he allows for tardiness is if its Draco, and he had to go wash the cum off his face after snape blew his load all over him!

Harry- ::snickers, covering his mouth::

Hermoine- ::bites back a smile:: Really Ron! Not in class if you please! ::though she let a small giggle escape::

Draco-::turns at the sound and curls his upper lip in distaste as he follows the sound to hermoine::

Harry-whats his problem?

Ron-::leans in close to Harry:: prolly mad because its true

Hermoine-oh honestly ron! ::tilts her head down and begins to copy assignments off the board, a slight grin tugging at her lips::

Snape- ::in a silky dripping voice:: Mr. Potter, so nice to see you're enjoying this class. Perhaps you enjoy it so much, you'll do me the honor of staying after.

Harry- ::grimaces:: O-ok...::looks down and begins writing::

Draco-::smirks with Triumph and turns back to Crabbe and Goyle, making some joke and laughing::

Okie lauren, I know its crap but its hard for me to get back into the swing of roll playing. Though I'm sure i'll be just as good as I was before pretty soon ^_^ hehe
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