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I Should Have Been Writing my West Civ Paper!

This is for Lauren!

The long, velvet curtains were whispering across the parquet floor as a lonesome breeze flowed through the open window. Ursula tilted her head to scent the air, to taste the last bit of autumn still languishing about the bayou. Long August nights in the swamp were often insufferably humid. Ursula’s sheer slip dress was clinging to her body, sticky from sweat and sex. Her peaked nipples shown through the satiny material as she sat at her vanity table, fanning herself with a magazine. There was an electric fan on the dresser table causing a delicate hum to practically pulse through the room.
Spike was on the bed, spread and wanton; his chest heaving with unneeded breath. His hands and feet were tied to each post of the canopy bed, knees forced painfully apart by a spreader bar. He was moaning and gasping behind a bright pink ball-gag, and his eyes were covered by a black silk scarf. A few chunks of ice were melting on his taut belly, the little rivets of water trickling down between his open thighs causing his breath to hitch as every icy droplet caressed his tight hole. He looked beautiful in the candlelight, his body writhing, every curve and sharp angle highlighted by the tallow flame.
Ursula watched the spectacle, a smirk on her face as her hand busied itself beneath her slip. When she had satisfied herself, she stood up and walked towards the bed. Spike could hear the delicate sound of her bare feet against the aged birch wood boards. His body trembled from the strain of being bound up. His cock was rigid against his stomach, leaking pre-come from the slit which mingled with the ice water still bathing him. He moaned heavily as he felt Ursula remove one of the largest hunks of ice and then heard her suck on it seductively; he imagined it was her full lips around his member. He tried to thrust his hips upwards, intending to send her a message. Ursula could not help but laugh at her boy’s lustful display. Fingers still nearly frozen from touching the ice, she ran her index finger up Spike’s length from balls to tip. His whole body jolted at the sensation, and Ursula was struck with a wicked idea.
There were tiny slivers of ice floating about in the water pooling on Spike’s stomach. Being very careful, Ursula held Spike’s cock steady in one hand and pushed a sliver of the ice into his slit with the other. Spike’s screams at the sudden intrusion echoed off the paneled walls of the bedroom. He came violently, soaking his already drenched stomach with his spendings. Smiling, Ursula reached up and removed his gag and blindfold. His blue eyes were brimming with unshed tears as he huskily whispered, “Again.”
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