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I Should Be Cleaning...

But I wrote fic instead!

Title: The Panty Thief
Author: Fenderlove
Fandom: BtVS AU.
Rating: This is for Adults Only, bitches.
Warnings: Spankings, mild baby!kink, strap-ons!

After a long day of being cloistered in the store room of La Café du Revolution, Ursula found herself looking forward to spending her night with Spike, preferably in bed. She called out to him as she entered their home, which was a large Anne Rice-ish type Southern mansion settled on a former indigo plantation now mostly swamp land. She continued up the stairs when she received no answer. Entering the bedroom, she found him, still asleep even after sunset. He was laying on his stomach, spread-eagle, wearing a pair of Ursula’s black thong panties. Ursula didn’t know whether to be angry or amused as she stood in the doorway. On one hand, he did look ridiculously adorable, and on the other she had warned him about stretching out her underwear. Settling on an emotion somewhere in-between, she stalked to the bed, carefully removing her garments, silent like a predator about to latch onto her prey.
Settling one bare knee on the edge of the bed, Ursula leaned forward and placed a finger underneath the seat of the panties which consisted of the g-string. Slowly and gently, she rubbed the back of her index finger up and down Spike’s pert ass, feeling the delicate swell of flesh. Still in deep sleep, Spike moaned, his face buried into one of the down pillows. Carefully, Ursula pulled the thong down, maneuvering enough to get them down around his mid-thigh region. Even though the thong panties left practically nothing to the imagination, Ursula still found it incredibly erotic to pull them down, leaving Spike completely exposed, vulnerable. She spread his thighs apart as much as she could with the panties in the way then positioned herself between his splayed legs. She put both her hands on his ass and used her thumbs to expose his tight little rosette. Ursula bent down and began to lick cautiously at his small indent. The first swipe of her tongue over the wrinkled skin elicited another heady moan from Spike. He began to grind his hips against the comforter in his sleep, allowing Ursula unimpeded access to his cock, which was already hard and leaking.
Taking his length in one hand and still parting his ass with the forefinger and thumb of the other, Ursula started to strip his cock, sweeping her thumb over the slit and massage the bubbling pearls of pre-come into the head, while her tongue busied itself pushing into his body. Spike’s moaning turned into loud keening as he reached nearer his climax, but Ursula pulled away before he could come. She landed a loud smack on his ass with her hand that was covered in Spike’s own pre-emissions. Spike’s eyes flew open, and he sat up in surprise.
“What the bloody hell was that all about?” he said angrily.
Ursula grabbed his hair which was sleep-tussled and sticking up in messy blonde tufts. Pulling him back against her, she whispered into his ear, “What did I say about stealing my panties?”
Spike stilled for a moment. His cock was painfully hard, but he was doubting that Ursula was going to let him come for quite a while judging by the tone of her voice. This was not his first panty-thievery charge. He had only meant to wear her panties for a short time before she came home and then put them back before she noticed but had fallen asleep by accident. Spike felt somewhat embarrassed by being caught in his lover’s undergarments but they felt nice against his skin as a constant reminder of his girl… who was currently latched onto his hair straining his neck back in a painful position. Spike knew there was only one way out of this situation. He let some crocodile tears well up in his eyes.
“I’m sorry,” he whimpered, trying his best to be pitiful. His eyes darted back and forth as he searched her face for any sign of her buying his act.
Ursula smirked. There was no way she was falling for Spike’s faux sincerity. “The reason you are sorry is because you got caught. Only naughty little boys steal, William; and if you’re going to act like a little boy, I’m going to have to treat you like one.” She let go of his hair only to pull him down across her lap.
Spike struggled for a moment then yelped as the first spank landed right on the center of his bare bottom. As she continued, her momentum never ceased; each spank was faster and harder than the last. Spike didn’t have any time to recover from one slap before the next one hit its target. He had hoped that she would tire quickly at such a fast pace; but as sting in his ass grew, he saw no sign of her slowing down. Real tears were streaming down his face, and he sobbed for her to stop. Ursula didn’t speak; Spike’s crying and the sound of flesh against flesh echoing through the whole house were the only noises.
Finally, when Spike’s backside was cherry-red and hot to the touch, she said, “Get up and go bend over the back of the settee.”
Spike looked up at her from over his shoulder. He blinked, teary-eyed and uncertain, but did as she asked almost tripping over himself when he tried to get up from the bed as the panties were now bunched around his knees. The top of the settee was higher than Spike’s waist so that when he bent over it, he had to stand on the tips of his toes, raising his bottom deliciously into the air. At her vanity table, Ursula picked up her heavy maple hairbrush and then held it in front of Spike’s face as she stood beside the couch.
“Kiss it,” she instructed sternly. He followed her command. His pink lips pressed against the smooth back of the brush as he whimpered, his whole body trembling.
Ursula stepped back a pace or two, swinging the hairbrush around a little, warming up her arm before delivering the first blow. The brush struck Spike’s ass with enough force to knock him forward a bit. The muscles stood out in his arms as he strained to maintain his position. His cock was brushing against the itchy brocade of the couch-back, making him wish he could come. The first blow was followed by ten more, five to each cheek. After this first volley of swats, Spike began to babble incoherently, still crying, one of his legs popping up every time the paddle struck his delicate skin as if his foot could somehow block the brush. Ursula tapped his inner thighs and instructed him to keep his legs spread wide and to stand on his toes as much as he could. Spike had no choice to follow her instructions. Another twenty blows were landed on his “sit spot” insuring that he would not forget that panty theft was not going to be tolerated.
After a total of fifty swats with the brush, Ursula tossed it aside and went back to her vanity table. Spike was slumped over the back of the couch, his arms no longer able to support him and his body wracked with sobs. Opening one of the top drawers with the little key she kept hidden away, Ursula pulled out a strap-on phallus that was flesh-toned and about seven inches in length, along with a small bottle of lavender oil. She fastened the phallus onto her body, reveling in the feel of the leather straps against her skin and the weight of the dildo. She walk around to sit on the sofa. Spike didn’t look up, his face was buried under his arms. Ursula stroked his hair for a moment.
“My little love,” she smiled tenderly, “you’ve taken your punishment so well. I think I should reward my baby boy for his good behavior.”
Spike looked up; his face was tear-stained with his quivering lips and blue eyes now slightly red from all his crying. He slowly went around to the front of the couch to stand before her. His eyes went wide when he saw the strap-on; Ursula rarely used it on him. She was coating the phallus in a thick layer of the lavender oil. The sickly sweet scent made Spike a little light-headed.
“Baby,” Ursula said, taking hold of his hand and rubbing her thumb against his knuckles, “turn around. Mama’s gotta get you loosened up so this doesn’t hurt too much.” Spike bent over and reached around to part himself so that Ursula would have easy access to his rear entry. He groaned as he felt one slippery finger work its way inside of his hole. “So tight, Baby,” she praised, loving the needy little noises Spike was making. “God, I love your virgin ass, like banded steel.” She added another finger and began to scissor the digits against Spike’s inner walls.
Spike was panting as Ursula had a third finger join the first two. Feeling that her boy was near frenzy, she grabbed his hips and forced him down onto the fake cock. Spike threw his head back and screamed ferally as he was stretched internally and his sore ass banged against Ursula‘s bare thighs. Ursula kept her hands on his narrow hips, but let Spike control the pace. He was bucking wildly, and Ursula laid back to enjoy the view of his flawless back and the muscles that strained and contracted just below the surface. Spike adjusted his position so that every time he thrust down onto the dildo it would hit his prostate. Sparks flew behind his closed eyelids as he felt the familiar pressure build up in his belly. Ursula’s hands were around his cock and fondling his balls. It didn’t take more than a few squeezes before Spike came, spilling copious amounts of seed over himself, Ursula’s hands, and the floor.
Ursula smiled as Spike feel back against her, completely spent. She brought her hands to Spike’s mouth. He cleaned each one, licking her palms and sucking each delicate finger into his mouth to remove all traces of his come, enjoying the salty taste of himself against the sweet tang of his lady’s skin. Ursula lifted him from her lap, removed the strap-on, then let Spike return to lay with her on the settee. His head was on her breasts as his greedy little lips found their way to one of her nipples and lazily began suckling.
“I don’t like having to punish my baby boy, Spike. I hope that you’ve learned your lesson,” she said giving him a kiss on his forehead.
“Yes, ma’am. Good boys don’t get caught; bad boys do,” Spike replied with a naughty smirk, letting his treat fall from his mouth momentarily.
Quirking an eyebrow, Ursula spoke, “That wasn’t the lesson, William.”
“I guess you won’t be wanting to know what happened to your bras then.”
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