.·:*¨¨*:·.Leira.·:*¨¨*:·. (havesomecocoa) wrote in flagboy_rpg,

care to continue or is a rewrite in order?

*In the car*
Jonathan drove aimlessly through the city on that hot summer day. He drove to take his mind off the events that occurred just that morning. Robbie, Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend’s friend’s boyfriend, had dropped by and paid him and unexpected visit after having not seen him in over two years. Although it had been hours since the encounter, Jonathan could not truly take his mind off of what had happened.

*That Morning*
Jonathan woke that morning to a beautiful summer day. Life was seemingly perfect in his world. He got out of bed and went on with his morning routine; he got out of bed, stretched for a moment, and glomped on the couch to watched wholesome American television, Ricki Lake. Jonathan sat and watched tv until the doorbell rang unexpectantly.
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August 26 2003, 21:14:24 UTC 14 years ago